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Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group

SOTG strives to be the preferred agribusiness partner, customer and supplier in the markets they serve. SOTG adheres to the following core values and encourages each of our businesses and investees to embrace and communicate similar core values within their organizations: They demand fairness and consistency with all employees, partners, customers and suppliers and request the same treatment from them as counterparties SOTG firmly believes in integrity in all business transactions They believe that meeting and exceeding quality and service standards will ensure a loyal and long term relationship with their customers and that exclusivity is the best measurement of success SOTG encourages management and partners to be entrepreneurial, creative, and passionate at all times They respect different cultures, business models and management structures and believe in flexibility in business approach as no one model works best in every environment They believe in teamwork; a collaborative approach, internally and externally, is the best method to solve problems and achieve desired results and goals SOTG recognizes that, as guests in multiple communities, they must always respect local customs, remain apolitical and fulfill their local civic responsibilities
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Company Offices

  • United States
  • 9000 West 67th Street Shawnee Mission, KS