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  • HeadquartersBrazil

Secretary of State for Urban Development and Sustainability (SEDURBS)

SEDURBS is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, regulating and controlling actions related to the state's infrastructure, environment, transportation and public works policy; state urban development policy; sectoral housing and sanitation policies; the policy of encouraging popular housing and sanitation; the planning, regulation, standardization and management of resource use in urban development, urbanization, housing, sanitation and environmental policies; participation in the formulation of general guidelines for the conservation of urban water systems and the adoption of watersheds as basic units of sanitation planning and management; the coordination and assistance in the development of the actions of interest of the Metropolitan Regions; the formulation and management of state government policies regarding the environment, water resources and environmental education; the preservation, conservation and restoration of ecological processes; the preservation of the diversity and integrity of the state's genetic heritage; the preservation, conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems, biodiversity and forests; the ecological-economic zoning; the formulation and management of sectoral policy for the disposal of solid, urban and industrial waste; the revitalization of watersheds; policy formulation and management for the integration of the environment, production and consumption; the proposition of economic and social strategies, mechanisms and instruments to improve environmental quality and sustainable use of natural resources;  
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