SEKA Gorazde

Association of Women "SEKA" Gorazde with a basic women's peace project Center for Education, Therapeutic Work and Recreation House "SEKA" Gorazde Program activities are carried out through: - Provision of psychological support and education - Developing communication between different populations and cultures. PROGRAM OF THE HOUSE “SEKA”: • Regular work of the Center for Therapy and Education primarily for women, children and young people. According to wishes and needs, it will become possible to involve family members in therapeutic, counseling or educational work. • Support to professional colleagues as well as para-professional assistants at the BOD level: through the provision of supervision, professional training, as well as work on burnout prevention and mental health care of assistants • Constructive cooperation and professional support to associations, dealing with psycho-social support for war traumatized combatants, first in the BOD and in the wider region. • Raising awareness of the professional as well as the general public through publications, media and other appropriate ways on topics related to the goals and work of the SEKA House, • Cooperation and networking with other (women's) associations at the level of the Federation, the Republic of BiH, as well as the entire region of the former Yugoslavia: organizing joint activities (education, workshops, etc.), as well as mutual support and exchange of work experience.
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Primary Funders

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Provision of Organizational Support

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Initiative for Women Change Themselves

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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Gorazde
  • Ibrahima Popvica br. 49