Mission Research and Development Center SENTRONIS ad develops and manufactures high-tech instruments for measuring magnetic fields and electric current and provides appropriate development and engineering services. History and general description SENTRONIS ad was founded in 2003, as a branch of the Swiss company SENTRON AG. The idea was for SENTRONIS to support SENTRON in the development and production of magnetic field sensors and magnetic measuring instruments, technological inventions of Dr. Popović, a professor at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL). After SENTRON was acquired by an international company in 2004, the entire business related to magnetic measurements was taken over by another Swiss company, SENIS AG . Since then, SENIS and SENTRONIS have been working in a symbiotic partnership. SENTRONIS has offices and a laboratory in the building of the Electronic Faculty of the University of Nis, and a production facility at a nearby location. SENTRONIS is a private company, profitable and completely financially independent. Research and Development In 2010, SENTRONIS was registered as a research and development center, which enabled the company to lead R&D projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Education. The company focuses its business on contract engineering and private sector development. SENTRONIS has significantly contributed to the development of SENIS products, as well as the development of power sensors Ametes AG (Swiss start-up company, which merged with SENIS in 2011).
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Company Offices

  • Serbia (headquarters)
  • Nis
  • Knjaževacka 38, 18103 Nis, Serbia