Sidala Energy Solutions

Sidala EnergySolutions is a South African based development company operating in the emergent renewable energy industry. The team boasts technical expertise as well an an Understanding of the institutional and human aspects of the Energy Sector in South Africa. They provide the innovation and drive to defver results, and do so with a commitment to true sustainability of vision, and to partnerships. Vision In the multitude of energy chains which link energy sources to final energy Services, both global and local challenges abound. Consumers have become accustomed to - and economies depend on- abundant, continuous energy supplies. Fossil fuels are finite, and their use is damaging to the environment. The energy System has progressed a long way down on an unsustainable path. Great and urgent needs have arisen for sustainable, non-emitting supply options, and for demand management and reduction. The energy needs exist alongside vast opportunities, renewable energy sources are infinite, and opportunity to improve energy use is everywhere. However, on an unstainable mold was used to forge the Society, and they are rigidly formed in its shape. Further, the unmet energy needs constitute an ethical emergency. It is the poor who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and as energy costs increase, it is the poor who can least afford it. Food security reduces, health risks increase, education becomes less accessible and quality of life dwindles and unless these challenges are met, inequality will be perpetuated. They believe it is possible to connect the needs with the opportunities in a sustainable and economic way, and that there is an ethical imperative to do so. Sidola is a Zulu Word meaning "we create", and crossing the chasm back to sustainability will require the creation of solutions which altogether break the mold. They have set theirselves the task of identifying and establishing these linkages.
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Company Offices

  • South Africa (headquarters)
  • Johannesburg
  • PO Box 84486, Greenside
  • 2193