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  • Founded1999
SIDBI Foundation for Micro Credit (SFMC) was launched by the Bank in January 1999 for channelizing funds to the poor in line with the success of pilot phase of Micro Credit Scheme.  Mission   SFMC's mission is to create a national network of strong, viable and sustainable Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) for providing micro finance services to the economically disadvantaged people, especially women.   Approach   SFMC is the apex wholesaler for micro finance in India providing a complete range of financial and non-financial services such as loan funds, grant support, equity and institution building support to the retailing Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) so as to facilitate their development into financially sustainable entities, besides developing a network of service providers for the sector. SFMC is also playing significant role in advocating appropriate policies and regulations and to act as a platform for exchange of information across the sector. The launch of SFMC by SIDBI has been with a clear focus and strategy to make it as the main purveyor of micro finance in the country. Operations of SFMC in the coming years, are expected to contribute significantly towards development of a more formal, extensive and effective micro finance sector serving the poor in India with focus on innovation and action research.   Rating of MFIs   Most micro finance programmes were initially operated by NGOs and were not subjected to regulation and supervision as they were registered as Societies or Trusts. Non-regulation of these institutions worked to their detriment and these institutions were not able to have smooth access to funds from the financial sector which was vary of lending to such entities. This constraint, coupled with the fact that SFMC was launched with a view to upscale the flow of micro credit with enabling policy modifications relating to simplification of the procedures in availment of assistance and substantial relaxation in the security/ collateral requirement posed a difficult challenge. Therefore, to meet the requirements of the revised dispensation which called for selection of suitable micro finance intermediaries which could be trusted with bulk assistance without collateral constraints, Capacity Assessment Rating [CAR] was introduced by SFMC as a supplementary tool to assess the risk perception. On SFMC's initiative, rating of MFIs was started by five agencies. With the passage of time, and ripening of the sector, most of the informal NGOs have transformed into formal NBFCs. Rating of MFIs has gained sector-wide acceptance and has become a pre requisite for getting assistance from the banks/ financial institutions.

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