• Organization TypeFunding Agencies
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2012

Silicon Schools

"Silicon Schools" funds the creation of new schools in the Bay Area that foster innovation and personalization to discover the next generation of schools in America. The Silicon Schools Fund is a non-profit investment fund supporting the creation of next generation of personalized learning schools in the Bay Area of California. Silicon Schools seeks to identify and support the best educational organizations and leaders as they create new models for schools that personalize learning and leverage the transformational power of technology. Vision Students driving their own learning to produce outstanding results in great schools lead by passionate educators. EMPOWERED STUDENTS guiding their own learning, pursuing interests and reaching their full potential. PASSIONATE TEACHERS with the experience and flexibility to do what they do best - facilitate conversations, encourage critical thinking and inspire students. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY that enables student to drive their own learning and gives teachers the tools they need to run classrooms in new and better ways.  
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