• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
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  • Founded2011
SisterReach, founded in October 2011, was formed to offer women and girls in Memphis, TN and the surrounding Mid South area a framework of Reproductive Justice(RJ). Before their founding, there was no organization or entity working specifically from the RJ framework in the state of Tennessee. Their founder, Cherisse Scott, first introduced to RJ through her own personal experiences and work in Chicago, IL, saw the need for a RJ voice to be heard from Tennessee. The idea around SisterReach’s founding was not only to heighten awareness for women and girls in Tennessee, but policy makers, medical providers, educators, feminists, other advocacy organizations and community leaders whose missions and agendas fell within the realms of Reproductive Justice or who desired to work within the framework. MISSION STATEMENT SisterReach, founded October 2011, is a Memphis, TN based grassroots 501c3 non-profit supporting the reproductive autonomy of women and girls of color, poor women, rural women and their families through the framework of Reproductive Justice.  Their mission is to empower women and girls to lead healthy lives, raise healthy families and live in healthy communities. They provide comprehensive reproductive and sexual health education to women and teens, and advocate on local and state levels for public policies which support the reproductive health and rights of all women and youth. They utilize community dialogues, civic engagement and faith community engagement strategies to expand new relationships among stakeholders.   ORGANIZATIONAL PLEDGE SisterReach is committed to empowering women and girls from all walks of life, ethnicities, genders and faith beliefs. They believe that a woman is most empowered when she has access to all information regarding her health and well-being. They are committed to and work from a framework of Reproductive Justice. They support a woman’s right to lead a healthy life, raise a healthy family and live in a healthy community. They do not discriminate against women in need based on her socio-economic standing, sexual orientation, age, religion, sexual orientation or race. SisterReach employs the biblical principal expressed in Hosea 4:6 KJV, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge…” Their support of education is founded in this principal and connected to their commitment to optimum reproductive and sexual health and human rights.

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