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  • Founded2014

Sisters For Change

The Sisters For Change vision A world that refuses to accept violence against any woman or girl and actively defends her right to a life free from discrimination. Violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations of the 21st century. 1.2 billion women and girls today, worldwide, have experienced violence. At root, violence against women is a blatant manifestation of discrimination and inequality. They believe that a world of equal rights and opportunities for all women and men, girls and boys, is a world that is fairer, safer and better for every one of them. The first step towards a more equal world is to stop violence against women and girls. The problem of violence against women will only be solved if people and institutions at all levels – from governments to village leaders, NGOs to social activists, funders to families – take a stand to make this violence unacceptable and to hold states and perpetrators legally accountable. Mission Co-founded by Alison and Jane Gordon - twin sisters from Northern Ireland, Sisters For Change is a non-profit organisation that seeks to transform the lives of millions of women and girls across the world. Their mission is to provide the world’s most marginalised women access to information and justice, to mobilise communities and their leaders to speak out and put an end to the social acceptance of violence against women, and to hold governments legally accountable. Sisters For Change works with and connects local partners to deliver innovative justice, education and technology initiatives to create lasting social change. What They Do Making Justice work for Women They work to generate systemic change in how governments combat violence against women, and to create social change by mobilising communities to end acceptance of violence against women. Sisters For Change is an active part of a global movement for change, one that values women and girls as equal members of their communities. By providing legal information and services at the grassroots, connecting grassroots organisations and working with them to monitor state responses to violence against women through police investigation, prosecution and the courts, they aim to make laws real in practice and to make justice work for millions of women currently excluded from formal justice mechanisms. Mobilising 2.4 billion women & men globally to end acceptance of violence Their goal is that by 2040, Sisters For Change will have mobilised 2.4 billion women and men worldwide to end acceptance of violence against women and girls. 1.2 billion women have suffered violence - which means at least 1.2 billion people have perpetrated it – while many billions more have been affected. This is why their target is to mobilise 2.4 billion people to create change. They will reach them through their programmes, petitions, social media campaigns and with help from supporters and partners like you.
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