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Social and Environmental Program for Igarapes (PROSAMIM)

Programa Social e Ambiental dos Igarapés de Manaus (PROSAMIM) was conceived in 2003, when it began a work of formatting shared management with communities that would be attended later. Problems such as poor sanitation, urbanization and housing were growing over four decades, when the capital of Amazonas started to receive people from 62 municipalities of the state, looking for jobs in the Free Zone industries. With no housing options and no income, many people began settling on the banks of the city's streams, and until 2003, governments of previous administrations could not raise funding to make investments in infrastructure, sanitation and housing. The first loan agreement between the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Amazonas, for the commencement of PROSAMIM works, was signed on January 19, 2006 and served to initiate the first two stages of the Program in the Educandos Basin. located in the South Zone of Manaus, located in the South Zone of Manaus, which is the most densely populated and occupied by irregular constructions, on the banks of streams. According to data from the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), Manaus is intersected by 148 streams. In the first stage, which began in the basin of Educandos five streams were listed for shares of ontrato 1692 / OC-BR (BR-L1005) - PROSAMIM I concluded on 19/01/2006, ended 16/09 / 2009: includes the Igarapés Cachoeirinha, Manaus, Bittencourt, Mestre Chico I and Igarapé Forty. The ontrato No. 2165 / OC-BR (BR-L1217) - PROSAMIM SUPPLEMENTARY, celebrated on 01/19/2006, ended on 03/21/2014, with the objective of continuing the interventions in the Educandos Basin, Igarapé Forty, in partial areas (sub-basins) of the Manaus, Bittencourt and Mestre Chico Igarapés. In PROSAMIM I and Supplemental Contracts, a total of US $ 320.9 million was invested. The Contract 2006 / OC-BR (BR-L1164) - PROSAMIM II concluded on 10/11/2008 includes the works in Igarapé basin of Educandos / Forty - BIEQ and Basin of the São Raimundo Igarapé - BISR, the overall goal of the Program is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Igarapés Educandos-Fortenta (BIEQ) and São Raimundo (BISR) Basins. The works at BIEQ are concentrated in the stretch between Rua Maués and Avenida Rodrigo Otávio, which constitute the sample of the works that were started during the first year of execution of the Program, and also includes the Igarapé do Cajual and Parque Kako Caminha no. Igarapé de Manaus, where US $ 280.4 million was invested. The Agreement No. 2676 / OC-BR (BR-L1297) - PROSAMIM III , signed on 16/03/2012, with completion forecast for 2020 has the general objective to contribute to the solution of environmental, urban and social problems affecting Manaus city, especially the population that lives in areas below the 30m level, in the São Raimundo Igarapé Basin (BISR), providing them with better living conditions. An amount of US $ 370.0 million will be invested. PROSAMIM assisted approximately 14,115 people through housing construction. The Program has already built nearly 130 km of sewage network in the South Zone of Manaus alone; built bridges, new outlets in the 15 (fifteen) neighborhoods where it has works interventions; restored and restored the centennial Benjamin Constant Bridge; built nine parks with green and leisure areas; helped reduce crime and the amount of faecal coliforms that were dumped directly from the stilts into streams by more than 50 percent. Since PROSAMIM work began in 2006, the Program has built and delivered 2,823 housing units. All have water supply and are connected to the sewage collection system. As soon as about 14,115 people came to reside in these residential parks, they directly dropped 1,411,500 liters of sewage and 11,292 kilograms of household waste per day into the streams. The total investment of PROSAMIM until November 11, 2017 was R $ 1,709,632,599.15, of which R $ 1,181,519,311.98 in resources from the Inter-American Development Bank - IDB and R $ 528,113,287.17 from the State Government.
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