Societe Civile du Sud-Kivu

The Civil Society Coordination Office of South Kivu is the coordinating body for the activities of Kivu civil society associations. He is elected by the general assembly of associations, for a term of 3 years. It coordinates more than 200 associations, divided into 8 components. I. HISTORY OF CIVIL SOCIETY. I. 1. NGO MOVEMENT IN KIVU. Except for denominational NGOs. It was around the 1980s that the bulk of NGOs in South Kivu were born. They come to supply the state which is bankrupt. A certain number of intellectuals organize themselves and launch NGDOs mainly of support and those of local initiatives of development (ILD). The following areas will be favored as sector of intervention of South Kivu NGDOs: - Agricultural promotion - Education - Training - Health - Drinking water - Livestock - Socio-economic - Appropriate technology and crafts - Ecology and the environment - Human Rights etc. They will receive support from a number of organizations in the North. The main funding will come from Belgium, Holland and Germany. The NGOs of South Kivu will have as their mode of intervention the popular participation in the search for solutions to the target problems. They will then use the terms as self - promotion, self - managed endogenous development . Thus South Kivu NGOs will attach great importance to voluntary popular participation so that the beneficiaries of the actions undertaken feel empowered, they consider the achievements as their property to maintain and safeguard them. This involvement of the population will make that many people will discover the vocation to mount NGDOs better meeting the aspirations of the base. The other side of this reality is that, alongside well-structured and operational NGDOs on the ground, there will be a good many hundreds of other less efficient people. At present, only a few NGDOs (less than 15) continue to receive funding from the North. The political instability, the difficult economic situation, the nonexistent banks, telephone and fax, the bad state of the roads, made that the organizations of financing did not sufficiently support the ONGD of South Kivu, called to answer to several unforeseen events. Hence bankruptcy, mismanagement etc. several of these organizations.
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