• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Service Providers
  • Founded1983

Société de Promotion du Lac Tunis (SPLT)

La Société de Promotion du Lac de Tunis (SPLT) is a Limited company, Tunisian-Saudi, under the Tunisian Laws of a capital of 44.000.000 TD. SPLT was created on October 09th, 1983 on the basis of an agreement between the Tunisian State and a group of Saudi investors: Sheik Salah Abdallah Kamel, Sheik Mohsen Al Harithi and their associates. The said agreement was ratified by the law n° 83-108 dated December, 9th, 1983. As it arises out from the Agreement dated October 9th, 1983 relating to its creation as well as its Articles of Incorporation (Articles of Incorporation made in conformity with respect to the provisions of law n° 93-2000 dated November 3rd, 2000), the object of the Société de Promotion du Lac de Tunis consists of the cleansing of the Northern Lake of Tunis, lay out, the marketing and the development of its banks. The Société de Promotion du Lac de Tunis was thus charged to design and manage the execution on the Banks of the Northern Lake of Tunis of an integrated development project with its hydraulic, ecological, land, town planning, economic and social and cultural aspects.  
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Company Offices

  • Tunisia
  • BP. N° 36 Tunis CEDEX
  • 1080