• Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded2014

Society for the Development of Digital Infrastructures (Mauritania)

The Company for the Development of Digital Infrastructures is a national company, created by decree n ° 2014-097 of June 6, 2014, whose head office is located in Nouakchott, Villa n ° 14 Module K NOT Its mission is to: - Finance, build, hold, manage, operate and maintain electronic communications infrastructure and / or installation and / or equipment on Mauritanian territory as well as any building, premises and equipment necessary for their operation, acquire user rights for this purpose or purchase existing infrastructures or networks, hereinafter together the “Installations”; - if necessary, rent or make available this electronic communication infrastructure and / or equipment in any form whatsoever for the purpose of operating it. - Finance any state investment program in the electronic communications sector and, in particular, those that could be in the context of universal access to electronic communications services. - Guarantee the shared use of the Facilities in accordance with the principle of equality and free competition in the electronic communications markets; - Guarantee open, transparent and non-discriminatory access to Installations, in particular broadband capacities and other resources available on them, to any operator of electronic communications networks or services duly authorized in Mauritania, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. - The acquisition, alone or alongside other public or private investors, or the sale, of interests or interests in any entity or any company active on the electronic communications market in Mauritania, directly or indirectly; - The provision of any service and the conclusion of any contract relating to the activities listed above; and - More generally, all industrial, commercial, financial, movable and real estate operations directly or indirectly related to the activities specified above or which may be useful or which may facilitate its development or the achievement of the corporate purpose as described herein article. The SDIN is expected to own the National Backbone and the Technical Building, and to delegate its operation, maintenance and marketing to the "International Mauritania Telecom" economic interest group.
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Company Offices

  • Mauritania
  • Nouakchott