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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS)

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, SAS is a Global, Professional, Airline, MRO and Ground Operations, Support, Consulting and Training Company. SAS offers qualified and experienced UK and European Nationals. SAS is proud of their Trainers who are competent and motivated to deliver the best service on behalf of SAS and for the Customer. Sofema stands for (Support Organisation Focused on Effective Management of Airworthiness). Benefiting from a broad industry experience, SAS understands the importance of helping organisations exceed the challenge of managing regulatory compliance to ensure optimum organisational competence through consultancy and specific training support. SAS works to develop a positive safety culture and deliver improved business performance.
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Contract Awards

Supply of Aircraft Fluid Manifold

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Provision of Pneumatic Aircraft Tire

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Company Offices

  • Bulgaria
  • 1592 Sofia. PO Box 5 Sofia