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Splice Beta Fund

ABOUT a little media startup based in Singapore that works around the world. Their mission is to drive radical change by supporting bold, forward-looking media startups in Asia. So they report on, teach, transform, and fund newsrooms in Asia. The Splice Beta Fund is their way of helping you build media products that are useful and relevant to real audiences. Together with the Facebook Journalism Project, they want to help you build something that is valuable enough to pay for. Let's do this! They're in a golden age of media. Everything you need to create, discover, distribute, and amplify content is now possible on your phone. For entrepreneurs, this opens the door to creating new media products of utility and relevance that weren't possible even five years ago. The idea of mass media for mass audiences has ended. The promise of digital is in serving niche products and services to niche, highly engaged audiences. This user-focused product mindset is what they hope to help you with. They'll provide the funding, knowledge, mentoring, and community — you bring the ideas.
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