Stark Community Foundation (SCF)

Mission The mission of Stark Community Foundation is to connect people and the charitable causes which are important to them. As a community foundation, their vision is to honor the wishes of their donors by managing their charitable gifts and helping them meet their individual goals for giving. SCF dedicates their work in response to local needs and challenges through carefully designed funds and programs. As SCF achieves their mission and vision, they continue to strengthen Stark County, providing an improved quality of life for the residents of their community.   Focus Areas SCF believes that there are three essential ingredients to a healthy and vibrant community: economic development, education, and strong neighborhoods. The major focus areas concentrate attention on these essential ingredients.   Economic Development Economic development serves as the catalyst for addressing the root cause of social problems within communities. Successful economic development programs and policies will create an infrastructure of facilities, a trained workforce, and collaboration between the private sector (business), the public sector (government), and the civic sector (foundations and non- profits). When these elements come together, jobs are created, the family unit is strengthened, and neighborhoods are revitalized. It is a "virtuous circle" that improves the quality of life.   Education Education is the backbone of economic development. Education creates the skills that are necessary to prepare individuals for employment opportunities and the ability to sustain themselves and their families. Individuals remain competitive and vibrant as they learn new skills and gather new knowledge. Education must begin at an early age and continue throughout a lifetime of learning.   Neighborhood Revitalization At the heart of the community is the neighborhood. Vibrant neighborhoods are central to creating and maintaining homes and relationships that are sources of pride around a common purpose. Community pride and a sense of accomplishment create a shared experience that moves a community forward to achieve greater and greater accomplishments. SCFs intent is to provide the foundation of skills and programs needed to transform our neighborhoods into better places to live, learn, work, play, and raise families.
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