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State Secretariat of Planning and Finance of Rio Grande do Norte

About the project Integrated multisectoral project that aims to contribute, in five years, to changes in the socioeconomic scenario of Rio Grande do Norte, through the implementation of a set of articulated actions aimed at reversing the low dynamism of the State, with a focus on reducing regional inequalities , in addition to supporting actions to modernize public management to provide services more effectively and efficiently, aiming at improving the quality of life of the population of Rio Grande do Sul. The development objective of the RN Sustentável Project is to contribute to the State's efforts to: (i) increase food security, access to productive infrastructure and access to markets for family farming; (ii) improving access and quality of education, health and public security services; and (iii) improving public expenditure, human resources and physical asset management systems, in the context of a results-based management approach . The Project is organized into three main Strategic Axes: Component 1 - Sustainable Regional Development Subcomponent 1.1: Structural Investments and Strengthening Local Governance Subcomponent 1.2: Investments in Productive, Social and Environmental Inclusion Component 2 - Improvement of Public Services Subcomponent 2.1: Health Care Subcomponent 2.2: Improvement of the Quality of Basic Education Subcomponent 2.3: Improvement of Public Security and Social Defense Component 3 - Improvement of Public Sector Management Subcomponent 3.1: Integrated and Results Oriented Planning and Budgetary and Financial Management Subcomponent 3.2: Modernization of Priority State Institutions and Administrative Systems of the Subcomponent State 3.3: Strategic and Efficient Management of Human Resources and Assets The State Secretariat for Planning and Finance - SEPLAN is the General Coordinator of the Project, and through the Project Management Unit - UGP, it will be directly responsible for the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of all planned activities, as well as for the management financial management of projects and contracts, bidding, disbursements and accounting, in addition to the implementation of social and environmental safeguards instruments, both at the central and regional levels.
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Company Offices

  • Brazil (headquarters)
  • State Administrative Center, BR 101, Km 0, Lagoa Nova - CEP: 59.064-901 - Natal / RN
  • Rio Grande do Norte