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Stiftung Frauenhaus beider Basel

INFORMATION The Women's Home of both Basel was opened in June 1981. It is today the most important inpatient facility in the region for women in violence with and without children. The site is not publicly known for security reasons. The women's shelter has 10 rooms with a total of 17 beds, 7 of them for children. Every year, between 60 and 90 women and between 40 and 70 children are admitted. Women who can not be admitted due to lack of space or other reasons receive addresses from other appropriate institutions in the Basel region or from other Swiss shelters. The length of stay varies in length. It depends on the respective threat situation and the individual possibilities of a connection solution. Living together For the affected women, it is essential that they and their children are safe and able to distance themselves from their current life situation. They live together with other women and children who have experienced similar things. They organize their everyday life together and with the support of the Frauenhaus staff. Advice and support The most important part of staying at the women's shelter is personal advice. This offers affected women the opportunity to deal with their situation in a safe and non-violent environment, to build self-confidence and to find a way out of their violent life situation for themselves and their children. To each woman and each child a caregiver from the advisory team of the two faculties women's counseling as well as mother and child counseling to the side. In order to ensure the safety and networking of women and children during and after their stay in the Women's Home, both counseling teams work with various other bodies: Victims Assistance, Police, Social Aid, Legal Services for Migrant Women, Child and Adult Protection Authority, Child and youth protection, schools, kindergartens, day care centers and more. Costs and financing As a sponsor of the Women's Home, the Stiftung Frauenhaus beider Basel receives subsidy contributions from the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft within the framework of a joint service contract. These cover part of the subsistence costs for women and children residing in the two cantons of Basel. Women from the two cantons in Basel, who have their own income, contribute to the subsistence costs with a contribution towards the costs. For women and children from other cantons, a daily rate based on full costs will be charged, which in most cases will be covered by the corresponding cantonal victim assistance center. Basically, missing money is not a hindrance for a woman to stay in the women's shelter.
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