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Stirling Cryogenics

Stirling Cryogenics is the world’s leading specialist in stand-alone cryogenic cooling systems. This is because of the success of their Stirling cryogenerator (reversed Stirling cycle based crycooler). More than 3.000 systems have been supplied by us, and their  predecessor Philips Cryogenics, and are in operation across the globe, often in extremely demanding conditions. The reliability of both their one and four cylinder cryogenerator has earned Stirling Cryogenics an unbeatable reputation. Stirling Cryogenics designs, builds and supplies cryogenic solutions based on the different Cryogenerators in their products range. All of their Cryogenerators are based on the (reversed) Stirling thermodynamic cycle and have a long history, highly reliable record and high efficiency. Their main products are stand-alone liquid Nitrogen production systems (StirLIN’s), which produce liquid Nitrogen (LN2) on site and custom made cryogenic cooling systems based on their Stirling Cryocoolers. 
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Company Offices

  • Netherlands (headquarters)
  • DH Industries BV Science Park Eindhoven EB Son