• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2003

Strengthening Rights and Equality by Empowering Teams (STREET)

Strengthening Rights & Equality by Empowering Teams (STREET) is a minority and youth led community based organization working to promote social cohesion and cultural harmony. Based in Quetta, Balochistan, STREET was established by young activists in 2003, and has a diverse membership, with staff representing various ethnic and religious communities. This involves promoting formal and non-formal education and capacity building, with STREET’s key areas of expertise including theater training’s and productions, peace building and interfaith harmony training’s, as well as training’s on LSBE and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Examples of past initiatives include projects centered on using interactive theater to encourage grassroots communities to play a role in advancing peace and harmony, as well as developing and delivering awareness sessions on human rights and child protection issues to the general public and public authorities in Pakistan. Vision: Make rights based, self-awareness, self and body protection, emotional and physical health facilities accessible to all Pakistanis especially street living/working youth to create confident and self-reliant society. Mission: To create a harmonious, rights based gender sensitive society by empowering individuals, communities and CBOs through the provision of knowledge and skills based on life skills, community development and rights based approaches. Goals: - Improving quality of life of all Pakistanis particularly street living/working youth through the provision of legal support, formal and non-formal education and capacity building on life skills - Prevention, rehabilitation and service provision to the street living/working youth regarding HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and life skills - Promotion of peace education, conflict resolution, harmony and prosperity through people’s contribution and participation in developmental and research activities
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