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Sustinere assists rural communities in areas affected by deforestation and poverty to implement environmentally sustainable and profitable economic practices through reforestation and agroforestry, raising awareness and promoting sustainable development, empowering women, girls and aboriginal populations, and conducting research related to environmental sustainability and green growth. They believe reforestation and agro-forestry are the most powerful solutions in the world today, because they raise people out of poverty in a way that create incentives for protecting the environment and engaging in green growth. The better care people take of the environment following one of their projects, the more benefits they get from the organic forest produce that they include on their land and territory. It is a virtuous circle, and their projects  also sequestrate lots of carbon and slow down global warming. They believe every person deserves the choice to live with dignity, in a clean environment. Their projects place special focus on empowering women and girls, and Aboriginal populations. They have found that the more women and Aboriginal leaders are given the chance to lead, the greater the environmental and economic benefits and the more profound and lasting the transition to green growth.  Ultimately, it’s the radical idea that they can have development that is sustainable and works for the poor. And it all starts with planting trees, right here right now, with your help.
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  • 738 St-Paul St West, Montreal, Quebec (Canada)