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Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)

Mission Forte is a research council funding research on health, working life and welfare. The research Forte funds today paves the way for a more equal and sustainable society in the future. Forte is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Their operations are guided by governmental directives and an annual letter of appropriation. On behalf of the government they initiate and finance research in the areas of health, working life and welfare. They evaluate the effects of research and how the results can be translated into practice, as well as working actively with dissemination of knowledge. Forte creates meeting places where research and the future are the central focus. Financing research in Sweden and abroad Forte distributes around 600 million Swedish kronor every year to both basic and needs-driven research. This ranges from individual project grants to larger efforts to build world-class research environments. Forte also distributes funds with the aim of stimulating international research collaborations, both within the EU and worldwide. Research for the society of tomorrow Forte’s tasks also include identifying areas where more research is needed. Their society is facing many challenges, including democratic development, changes in the labour market and widening social and economic gaps in society. Forte promotes research that gives us the knowledge to meet these challenges. They work to ensure evidence-based progress towards a society with good and equal health, inclusive labour markets and a well-functioning welfare system. Research accessible to all Forte is a vital link between scientific research and practical application. They evaluate and analyse research results and make them available for all. They also organise events such as breakfast seminars and conferences where researchers, policy makers and others can meet and exchange knowledge. In this way they promote an active dialogue around health, working life and welfare. Vision To contribute, through research, to a society that provides good health, a sustainable working life and high social welfare. Goals for 2019–2022 1. Forte funds research of the highest scientific quality 2. Forte funds research that provides the greatest benefit 3. Forte’s evaluations develop Swedish research and research policy 4. Forte contributes to the global knowledge base and development of society 5. Forte’s target groups have knowledge of and trust Forte-funded research and research results
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