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MISSION Improve the management of priority fisheries at regional, national and community levels and access to alternative activities for target fishermen. STAKEHOLDERS MEEF, other departments and interdepartmentals National and international NGOs, Private sector, Civil society: Platforms, Groups and Associations etc. etc. … INTERVENTION AREAS 5 intervention areas Prioritization of project activities in the three (3) High Priority Z ( ZUP ): - Ambaro, Tsimipaika, Ampasindava and Nosy Be archipelago ( BATAN ), DIANA region - Antongil Bay ( BA ), Analanjirofo Region, - Melaky . Project support in two (2) other priority regions (ZP) - in the Atsimo Atsinanana Region : implementation of a development plan and devolution, - in the Androy Region : development of fishery resources with a view to food security and by laying the foundations for
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