• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Staff101-250
  • Development Budget1 Million - 5 Million
  • HeadquartersSwitzerland

Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH)

The Swiss Centre for International Health is a service department of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, it works on a non-profit basis. Their mission is to improve health systems and population access to effective health services worldwide. They combine scientific knowledge and practical expertise, and offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral services based on the experience of the Swiss TPH and its wider network of associates. They work with partners to respond to local needs, thus tailoring their services to the contexts and countries they work in. Over 140 colleagues representing more than 35 nations work for the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH). The majority of their staff is based in the field, ensuring hands-on local involvement. Their public health specialists span a variety of professions.   Services On behalf of their wide range of clients, they support and facilitate projects in all fields related to international health. Project Management, Consultancy and Advisory Services Project design, planning, management, and quality assurance Health systems analysis, evidence, policy making support Monitoring and evaluation Biomedical technology assessment, and procurement of equipment and drugs Data quality auditing, information systems and knowledge management Health financing and economic analysis Teaching and training, capacity building Human resources evaluation, institutional backstopping Operational research   Sectors Their Main Thematic Focus Areas: Health Technology and Telemedicine Appropriate infrastructure, medical facilities and equipment, health devices, logistics and proper management are crucial for preventive and curative health services. The rapid propagation of health technology is fuelled by changing demographics, scientific progress, societal expectations and a changing burden of diseases. They leverage their expertise in Health Technology management and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in health systems (eHealth). They transfer their know-how via systematic assessment, appropriate solutions, and process and system optimisation, including human resources and institutional capacity building. Sexual and Reproductive Health They address all thematic fields of SRH within the broader context of health sector reform, health systems strengthening, and improving the quality of health care. They respond to the increasing demand for mana¬gerial and services quality and assist in the development of prevention and health promotion campaigns involving gender equity and social development. Improving the quality of perinatal care is a major focus in their East¬ern European projects, as well as is the prevention of HIV and AIDS in Tanzania and Central Africa, and the strengthening of primary health care systems – including primary prevention and disease control in the Great Lakes region. They are present in the Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Tanzania, the Great Lakes and Central Africa regions, and also serve as an active consultancy agent for The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuber¬culosis and Malaria. Systems Support Effective health services can only be assured through sustainable and strong health systems. Evidence informed health workforce and financing policies are the cornerstone of robust health systems. From a systems perspective, they identify, analyse, review and compare health strategies and policies to enlarge the evidence base and facilitate decision making in these critical areas. They evaluate human resources, placing emphasis on how, and under what conditions a management strengthening intervention can improve workforce performance and retention, and further aid the development of training capacities in low and middle income countries. They undertake economic evaluations encompassing resource planning, costing, cost-effectiveness analysis, and health system financing – including health insurance support and public financial management. They address the continuum between data, information and knowledge, promoting the production and use of high quality evidence to inform decision making through activities such as data quality audits, generation of evidence from monitoring and evaluation assignments, analyses of surveys, systematic reviews, and design of approaches to develop health systems guidance. Systems Performance and Monitoring Well-functioning health systems and programmes are fundamental for providing effective, proper and sustainable health care to populations in low and middle income countries. Performance assessment and monitoring provides an important basis for analysing the outcome and impact of different programmes and projects on health systems, and more generally, on public health. Through improving the performance quality and functioning of health services and programmes they contribute to the development of accessible, equitable and efficient health systems to alleviate poverty and reduce health deficiencies. They facilitate research and project implementation, which also involves rethinking solutions for pharmaceutical, as well as financial management, performance assessment, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. As a Local Fund Agent (LFA) for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) they take part in, and lead major evaluations and consultancies in 19 countries: Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chad, Djibouti, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Gambia, Laos, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Niger, Senegal, Sao Tome, Syria, West Bank and Gaza, and the REDCA region. Before the Global Fund signs a grant agreement, They asses the principal recipients capacity to implement the project, review proposed budgets and work plans, and support the Global Fund in grant negotiations. During programme implementation, as well as for grant closure, they oversee programme performance and accountability of use of funds, including the carrying out of ad hoc assignments such as investigations relating to the suspected misuse of funds.
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