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They bring together companies that stand for environmental responsibility. They share knowledge, promote innovation and champion efficient political rules. In this way, they make a contribution to a sustainable Switzerland and help their companies to develop market opportunities. Subjects Since its foundation, swisscleantech has had a clear goal:  Switzerland should take on a global pioneering role in sustainable development and benefit from it. This requires a sustainable market economy with suitable framework conditions.  They want to implement such framework conditions in the following four fields of action: Climate  Climate, energy, electricity, security and economic issues are closely linked. The energy, economic and security policies must therefore be aligned with the climate goals and not the other way around. The scientific evidence leaves no doubt that there is an urgent need for action at national and international level. The international community of more than 190 countries has also set the future framework for global climate policy with the Paris Climate Agreement: the treaty sets a warming limit of well below 2 ° C - if possible 1.5 ° C. The balance of greenhouse gases should also be balanced out in the second half of the century (net zero balance). Energy  For them, the energy transition includes the orderly phase-out of nuclear and fossil energies as well as the entry into an efficient, CO2-free energy supply. They are convinced that the energy transition will lead to a reliable, business-friendly and clean energy supply. This benefits Switzerland as a business location. Their cleantech energy strategy has been continuously developed since 2011 and shows how Switzerland can implement the energy transition in an economy-friendly way. Materials & Resources  Economic growth and consumption today are still associated with an increasing consumption of resources. Overall, the world - and Switzerland as a country - uses more resources than the planet can provide. What is needed are technical innovations and new business models that enable a decoupling between wealth and resource consumption. Efficient use of raw materials and resources can become a key competitive advantage for the Swiss economy. Through improved resource efficiency, Switzerland reduces its dependence on foreign countries and creates more local value added. However, suitable framework conditions must be created today. The Cleantech Resource Strategy provides a comprehensive overview of the Swiss resource landscape and serves as their working basis. Space & Mobility The mobility of people and goods is an important cornerstone of our economy and society. At the same time, transport accounts for the largest share of Swiss CO 2 emissions and 40% of external costs at 40% . swisscleantech is committed to sustainable transport development in line with Switzerland's long-term climate and energy goals. The close integration of mobility and spatial development must also be taken into account. A sustainable spatial planning policy shortens the paths, stops the progressive urban sprawl and relies on high-quality consolidation.  

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