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SWRT Solutions LLC

About Dr. Alvin Smucker, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University, for many years worked to find a technology to improve the productivity of sand soils in the U.S. and around the world. Key to improving sand soils for agriculture was to find a way to increase the water holding capacity of the soil. Dr. Smucker’s pioneering research and development of SWRT membranes has solved this age old problem. SWRT Solutions LLC is a company that helps Farmers to improve their soil and to conserve irrigation and rain water, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals by storing them and slowing the movement of these valuable inputs through the rootzone so they are available for plant growth during the critical growth stages of crops. Corn production on sand soils at Michigan State University have been tripled where corn is grown on SWRT membranes. Since these membranes are not continuous and have openings in between them in the soil they do not block the movement of gasses, roots, earthworms or water which can pass between the membranes. The membranes do not cause the soil to become anaerobic so normal soil microbe populations are maintained for good soil health.   With higher yields as a result of installing SWRT membranes, top growth of crops is much improved thereby sequestering more carbon in the form of organic matter and increasing the organic matter content of the soil at an accelerated rate.
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