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Taalri Varahaldus Ltd. is a construction supervision and engineering company that has specialized in infrastructure projects with an emphasis on road and bridge construction. During the past two decades they have participated in hundreds of different projects ranging from simple supervision of bike paths built during the course of a few months (managed by one specialist) to large scale road and rail projects lasting several years fulfilling the role of FIDIC Engineers (a team of twenty). Over the years they’ve worked with Finnish, Latvian, German, Irish, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch partners on various different projects. As they are interested in unique and challenging projects, they’ve gained experience in the following areas: – local and small airport (up to 20 000 passengers per year) reconstruction and modernization; – railway construction and reconstruction (both railway stations and tracks); – harbor infrastructure construction and reconstruction (mostly inland waterways); – water and sewerage infrastructure construction and reconstruction (includes treatment and pumping facilities); – electrical infrastructure construction (both high voltage transmission lines as well as low voltage city lighting modernization); – navigational beacons and lighthouse reconstruction (Estonian coastal areas and islands); – national heritage structures renovation (specially licensed activity by the National Heritage Board); – aquaculture infrastructure (crayfish cultivation ponds, water provision and filtration solutions); – rehabilitation damned rivers for access by fish (fish ladders and fish passes); – forest road reconstruction and land improvement (roughly 50% of Estonia is covered in forests). Expert Evaluations Their specialists are active participants in the construction process as client’s representatives and are constantly solving problems and issues that emerge, when design and realized by contractors. This provides them with a deep understanding of potential problems that can be avoided or prevented in the design phase. For clients looking to preempt problems and avoid unexpected cost overruns they can provide expert opinions and analysis of technical designs. Mistakes can be avoided and corrected in the design phase with significantly lower costs. Public Tenders As frequent participants in Estonian public tenders, they have over the years also developed a team of public procurement advisors and specialist, which allows them to provide extensive consultations to municipalities and state agencies regarding infrastructure public procurement projects ranging from design tenders to construction and maintenance tenders. With ever increasing expectations and complexity of technical procurement and constant pressure on prices the necessity for solid procurement contracts and clear technical specifications is only increasing. Their team can be a valuable asset to either the client or the contractor.

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