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Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association (TTHA)

In March 1998, a news report of a teenage gay suicide shocked and heartbroken several LGBT participants. They decided to regain their dreams of the past and set up a long-term, permanent organization to serve disadvantaged gays and provide social services. The group seeks channels for identification and emotional support. So it was jointly initiated by 4 groups including the "Late Helpers Association", "Queer & Class", "The Gay Citizen Action Front" and the "Teacher League", and joined the participation of many enthusiastic friends from the society and campus, the "Common Consultation Hotline" It was formally established in Taipei Mansion and started to provide gay friends services in June of the same year. On June 9, 2000, the Association formally filed a case with the Department of Social Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior and became the first nationwide gay organization in Taiwan. The full name is "Taiwan Gay Counseling Hotline Association", and the Association officially hired its first job. personnel. Later, due to business development and the expiration of the rent, the office was moved to Guting in Taipei in October 1991 to continue to provide diversified gay services, and gradually developed "community organizations", "gay human rights", "gender education", "love" Key tasks in different fields, such as prevention and treatment, "gay family", "intimate relationship", "elderly gay", and "transgender". As the time matures and local energy is condensed, the "Southern 960 Group" came into being in Kaohsiung in 1997, symbolizing that the LGBT movement has taken root in the south and developed locally, and the "Southern Office" was established the following year, which is expected to continue. Develop localized gay community work in the southern region. Today, there are 13 full-time staff members who perform their duties and lead nearly 300 volunteers to participate in various initiatives and social services. I hope to continue to uphold the "peer counseling", "support network", and "community center." "And other concepts, through diversified work directions, to eliminate social discrimination and unequal treatment of gays.
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  • 2th Floor, No. 70, Section 2, Roosevelt Road, Taipei City (MRT) Guting Station Exit