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Tanzania Association of Micro Finance Institutions (TAMFI)


  • Organization TypeIndependent/None, Implementing NGO, Association
  • Founded2001
Tanzania Association of Micro finance Institutions (TAMFI) is a not-for-profit umbrella organization for micro finance institutions in Tanzania. It was formally registered in 2001 as a sole network for micro finance activities in the country. Members include Commercial, Community and Microfinance Banks, NGOs, Private MFIs, SACCOS, apex of informal groups, micro -insurance company and Business Service Providers. The association seeks to develop capability of micro finance institutions and the micro finance sector in general through advocacy, lobbying, research and development, responsible micro finance, capacity building, and information gathering and dissemination. The National Micro finance Policy also assigns the task of developing and ensuring application of standards to the network. Furthermore, the Association promotes and encourages the establishment of new products and related markets and organizes forums and meetings in order to promote communication among members, to strengthen their relationship and to transfer information and experience among them. TAMFI encourages networking which is an integral part of any association. In this regard the Annual General Meetings attracts a growing number of attendees each year and make it an event where discussions are held on important and emerging issues and time is taken to learn more. The current 99 member institutions of TAMFI reach out to approximately 1.2 million micro entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas. These are micro entrepreneurs who are committed to change their financial behaviours. Microfinance institutions are providing a broad range of financial services to these poor and low income people who are systematically excluded from formal financial system. Financial services include credit, savings, leasing, insurance, mobile/wire transfers, housing and pensions. And as a result these active poor communities are included in the mainstream financial system. Furthermore, they are financially educated and exposed. TAMFI’s power is derived from its constitution, which is registered by the Registrar of Societies as a Non Profit and Non-Governmental Organization.

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