Tar River Land Conservancy (TRLC)

Tar River Land Conservancy preserves the natural and cultural resources of the Tar River Basin and surrounding areas by working in partnership with private landowners, public agencies and others to protect rural landscapes and riparian corridors.  Their service area includes Person, Granville, Vance, Franklin, Warren, Halifax, Nash and Edgecombe Counties.  They work directly with landowners through the region to protect drinking water, wildlife habitat, farms, forests and recreational open space.  They achieve their objectives by acquiring conservation land and permanent conservation easements and collaborating with other public and private entities on projects that achieve mutually beneficial land conservation objectives. History The streams of the Upper Tar River Basin contain an incredible wealth of biological diversity, including rare and endangered species, such that over 400 miles of streams are designated by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program as “nationally significant aquatic habitat.”  During the late 1990s, representatives from local, state, federal governmental agencies and nonprofit groups began convening meetings to discuss how to preserve the Upper Tar’s important habitat.  The idea of using land conservation to achieve this goal emerged from the collaborative meetings.  One impediment was quickly identified, however – the absence of a local land trust serving the Upper Tar Basin. During the fall of 1997, the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust (NCCLT) stepped forth to help meet this need. NCCLT considered whether to expand its service area to include the Upper Tar Basin or to help form a new land trust that would focus on the Upper Tar region. At the same time, landowners in the Upper Tar began asking NCCLT and other conservation groups to help them protect their land using conservation easements. After consideration, NCCLT representatives decided to serve as a “business incubator” to establish a new land trust, initially accepting conservation easements from Upper Tar landowners that would be transferred once a new land trust was launched. The new land trust, the Northeast Tarheel Conservancy, was incorporated in September 2000. The mission of the new land trust was to protect land across an eight-county region – Person, Granville, Franklin, Vance, Warren, Halifax, Edgecombe, and Nash Counties. The name of the new land trust was changed to Tar River Land Conservancy in 2001. Originally based in Nashville, NC, the office of Tar River Land Conservancy (TRLC) moved to Louisburg in 2002 where the organization’s office is still located.
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Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Louisburg
  • 123 N Main St. PO Box 1161 NC 27549