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Tecnitrade International is a well established procurement and logistic company based in South Africa, specializing in the areas of Health, Education and Water. With on board experience of over twenty years operating in the African continent, they have unrivalled expertise in providing a unique supply chain solution across the African continent. The company’s strength lies in its ability to satisfy both long and short - term procurement contracts. This is achieved thanks to the extensive knowledge gained over the years on the logistical infrastructure and procedures on the African Continent. Their company has secured and executed prestigious supply contracts with African government ministries funded by major donors such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Logistic Services Procurement They have the support of a solid network of manufacturers worldwide. This has been achieved through the constant sourcing of equipment over the years and regular visits to exhibition fairs and manufacturing facilities on all continents. As a result, they are able to offer the best equipment and services solution to suit their client's needs and budgets Consolidation and packing They have established consolidation points in Europe, Africa and Asia. These are selected taking into account the origins and destination of goods. Given the delicate nature of the equipment they supply, they pay particular attention to the packing always ensuring that the goods reach their final destination in optimal condition and ready to be installed when applicable. Transport Extensive knowledge of the African geography and logistical challenges allows us to provide the most suitable methods of transport to reach the destination in a safe and cost efficient manner. They work with several well known international freight and forwarding agencies as well as with a number of local transport companies able to provide inland transport to the most remote areas. Installation / commissioning and training In most cases equipment supplied to the areas of health, education and water require the abovementioned services to be performed. They are able to install in remote areas and pay particular attention to the training of end users whether at site during the installation and commissioning process or factory training wherever this may be. Their goal is to ensure that end users get the maximum benefit of the supplied equipment.  Health They consider adequate healthcare to be one of the greatest challenges faced by every developing country. The challenge is even greater when trying to bring facilities and services to very remote areas. Tecnitrade is actively involved in this important sector by offering a wide range of solutions such as: -Facility planning and feasibility studies on rural clinics, district hospitals, medical training facilities, provincial hospitals, etc  -Procurement and supply of laboratory and medical equipment, furniture and consumables  -Installation, commissioning and training of end users (on-site or factory)  -Kitchen, laundry, refrigeration and fire protection for health facilities  -Back up support by ensuring adequate maintenance is provided as well as accessibility to spare parts   As every project presents its unique set of challenges and requirements, they look at these individually in order to provide the most suitable equipment for the environment, level of local expertise and budget.  Although, they have the support of a number of key manufacturers of medical equipment and furniture, they do not hold any exclusive agencies. This approach gives us the flexibility they need to continue focusing on client satisfaction. Education They truly believe in the power of a good education and capacity building. Education has been their passion for a number of years having equipped several universities and secondary schools in various African countries. Tecnitrade is able to offer advice as well as equip your secondary and university level facilities with equipment covering the following educational fields:  -Vocational and technical training equipment -Material testing equipment -Meteorological equipment -Surveying equipment -Laboratory equipment and glassware -Analytical equipment -Machine tools and cnc technology -Physics equipment for secondary and university level (mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, electricity, atomic and nuclear physics) -Chemistry equipment for secondary and university level (basic, spectroscopy, chromatography, electrophoresis, etc) -Biology equipment for secondary and university level (ecology, plant, food, animal) -Electronic engineering (telecommunications, mechatronics, control and instrumentation, process control, etc) -Engineering education (hydraulics, water treatment, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluids, strength of materials, theory of machines, etc) -Kitchen, laundry, refrigeration and fire protection for educational facilities Given their vast experience in the education sector, they are able to provide you with all the necessary literature currently available on any of the abovementioned disciplines.  These can be made available to you as hardcopy catalogues or software. Water This precious and limited natural gift to all living creatures is increasingly in greater demand and shorter supply. Tecnitrade international believes appropriate conservation and management of water coupled to adequate education is key to their survival.  They are able to supply:  -Water purification and treatment plants -Pipes (hdpe, grp, ductile iron, etc) -Pumps (all types) -Fittings and valves (copper, pvc, galvanised) -Water treatment chemicals With years of experience supplying the above, they are able to source from all corners of the world ensuring price and quality competitiveness.
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Company Offices

  • South Africa (headquarters)
  • Cape Town
  • Unit 214, The Foundry, Prestwich Street