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Televisa Foundation

The mission of Televisa Foundation’s cultural division is to promote and reinforce the existing ties between Mexico and the United States by establishing networks devoted to the exchange, research, reflection, the preservation of visual memory and discourses on art as well as photographic and audiovisual culture. Their principal goal is the study of images, mainly those produced in Latin America or by Latin American authors, regarding them as free agents in constant movement, capable of blurring geopolitical frontiers and of linking the immigrant communities to their country, their history and their culture. The support from Fundación Televisa’s Photographic Collections (in Mexico City) will enable us to produce, divulge and exchange information via publications, exhibits, seminars and talks with the use of the new technologies. These activities will also strengthen the bonds between the Latin American public and the different cultural institutions in the United States. Televisa Foundation’s cultural division aims to establish a venue in the United States that will serve as a research and training center for artistic, academic and educational communities. These activities, focused on the image as an aesthetic expression and social document, will allow for the recovery of a transnational collective memory and greater access to contemporary productions beyond the physical frontiers between Mexico and the United States.
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