The British Institute of Human Rights

Founded over 40 years ago the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) is an independent charity working to bring human rights to life here at home. It empowers people to: -know what human rights are (and often what they are not) -use them in practice achieve positive change in everyday life without resorting to the courts, and -make sure those in power respect and progress the human rights laws and systems. At the heart of everything it does is a commitment to making sure the international promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developed after the horrors of World War II, is made real here at home. Its innovative work seeks to achieve a society where human rights are respected as the cornerstone of the democracy and enable each of the people to live well in communities that value the equal dignity of each person. Its education, research and advocacy work supports people and organisations to realise the potential of human rights to empower people and to transform organisations. By doing so, it inspires a new generation of organisations and individuals to recognise that human rights are the standards by which people should live, and to live up to their human rights responsibilities.
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