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The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy (MOLAD)

Molad is an independent, non-partisan Israeli think tank that works to reinvigorate Israeli society by injecting new ideas into all spheres of public discourse. The vision combines progressive values with a realistic approach to the political and geopolitical challenges of Israeli reality. We inform public debate with responsible content that meets the highest possible standards of research and analysis – the dearth of which has played a crucial role in Israel’s ongoing state of crisis. Israel is facing weighty challenges that threaten to undermine citizens’ ability to live worthy, fulfilled lives. In the realm of foreign affairs and security, maintaining control over the Palestinian territories is increasingly pushing Israel towards international isolation, expanding its regional isolation, and compromising its future as a democratic state. Civil society is seeing an upsurge in tribal attitudes that are incompatible with the modern way of life. Socioeconomically, growing inequality is dividing a small, well-off elite from rising numbers of citizens who earn too little, pay too much for their basic needs, and can no longer rely on the state’s social safety net. For Israeli society to meet these challenges successfully, it is imperative to fully comprehend their causes and distinguish real solutions from political spins and ideological delusions. Israeli politics often appear as little more than an arena for skirmishes over special and even personal interests. We believe that our political system must be reorganized according to rival ideas, ideological outlooks and policy proposals. By narrowing the political imagination of Israel's citizens, current political discourse cannot adequately meet the real challenges that Israel faces.   Molad’s rigorous multi-disciplinary research offers fresh alternatives to stagnant political discourse in and about Israel. While we guard our intellectual independence and reject affiliation with any political party, person, or movement, Molad does not present itself as a-political. We believe that the solutions to Israel’s security threats and social and economic ills lie in a democratic system that will embody the interests and true ambitions of its citizens.
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