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The Community Foundation for Ireland

The Irish are a giving people. They respond generously. An emergency at the other end of the earth or a tragedy or bereavement in their own community is a summons to gather around. They have deep instincts of responsibility for those in need. However their culture of giving strategically is very underdeveloped. Wealth, even modest wealth is a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland. They lack a culture and a developed platform to allow people to give back in ways that are meaningful, impactful and long term. That is why The Community Foundation for Ireland is uniquely placed to help. They are such a platform. They have a track record of delivering impact and demonstrating staying power. They offer a way, the means and assurance of the highest levels of governance. Philanthropy translates giving in the moment to giving that is strategic and long-term. Strategic giving tackles causes that are complex and leaves results that are lasting. They respond to Ireland’s complex needs by building deep relationships with non-profit organisations working at the coal face. They build platforms with local communities and collaborate with the public sector. They use their knowledge to help donors translate their aspirations of giving back into effective investments of their experience and resources. For years, families, individuals, corporations and other trusts and foundations have invested their strategic giving with us. They have grown a fund of €1million in 2000 to a fund now worth over €40 million because they are trusted and have delivered. They are about lots of causes, not just one. They fund hundreds of innovative projects addressing education, children and youth, older people, homelessness and so much more. Their current position as one of the largest grant givers in Ireland has led to real progress on challenging issues including domestic violence, penal reform and progressing LGBT+ rights. With the generosity and solidarity of committed donors, they are not afraid of tackling challenging issues at their core. The Community Foundation for Ireland is an Irish response that both mirrors and is different from models of philanthropy worldwide. They have created funds for Ireland which addresses their country’s social needs not just for today but for the future.
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