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The German School Academy (Die Deutsche Schulakademie)

The German School Academy at a glance: The German School Academy is a nationwide active and independent institution for school development and teacher training. With its offers, it addresses all schools in Germany as well as ministries, teacher training institutes, municipalities and private school authorities. The academy provides materials on good school practice, invites you to exchange experiences, advises on questions of school and teaching development and organizes innovative training measures as well as extensive school development programs. The Academy's programs are based on the knowledge of the award-winning schools of the German School Award, whose representatives provide their experiences for the further development of our school and education system. The aim is to spread the models of excellent school practice from around ten years of the German School Prize across the entire German school landscape. To this end, the Deutsche Schulakademie maintains, coordinates and moderates a network of reformed and committed school leaders and teachers. With the support of scientists and other experts, successful practical concepts are prepared and practical training offers are organized. The focus is on topics that are of crucial importance for the further development of the education and school system, such as dealing with heterogeneity. It offers schools the opportunity to learn from and with excellent schools. This consistent practical approach is unique in Germany.
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