The Heart Of England Forest

A new forest in the heart of England. It’s a simple vision: to plant, protect and preserve a huge broadleaf forest – a place of tranquility and natural beauty that’s open to anyone and planted with the help and support of everyone. Whether you live in the heart of the forest, or you’re visiting their green and rolling Warwickshire countryside, you can play a vital role in this exciting new woodland. Planting a tree is a great way of connecting with your environment and sowing the seeds of a better world for the next generation. The forest stretches across the heart of England – from the ancient Forest of Arden, south to the edge of the Vale of Evesham. It’s an area dense in cities, towns and industry. Which is why they’re creating a place to walk under shady canopies and through airy glades, away from the bustle of city life. The UK has less than a third of the native tree cover of many other European countries, including France, Germany and Italy. So far, they have created over 3,000 acres of new woodland. That’s more than 1 million trees. And their dream is for it to become 30,000 acres. But with patience and your support, who knows how far it will grow! What's on offer: Walking through the forest, and along the nationally acclaimed Heart of England Way, is the perfect chance to explore this rich and varied landscape. The fields and woodlands are teeming with native wildlife, and there are plenty of stunning bird-watching opportunities – including resident kestrels, barn owls and tawny owls. And, as the forest grows, so do the possibilities. They have plans for off-road bike tracks, woodland play areas, camping, and a café and arts centre. They’d love to encourage more outdoor performances, and very much welcome and value the input of supporters and local communities in bringing this to life. If you’ve got an idea, please get in touch!    
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