The Institute of Applied Energy (IAE)


  • Organization TypeInstitute
  • Founded1978
Founded on April 1, 1978 in center of Tokyo, the Institute of Applied Energy(IAE) is an autonomous, nonprofit organization conducting technology related research in broad energy areas. To secure stable energy supply and address global environmental issues, strategic planning and implementation from long-term andd global perspectives are prerequisites. The IAE’s researchers conduct studies and organize projects with the broad neetwork developed among industry, academia and the government. The activities of IAE are supported by the contributions from the industry members and research contracts with government agencies, private industries, etc. IAE carries out cross-sectional and comprehensive analysis on broad energy areas including new and renewable energies, electric power system, global environment, fossil fuels and nuclear energy technologies, assessment of the environment, resources and economy aspects. IAE draws up and presents the nation’s energy perspectives, thereby fulfilling its role of linking academic studies, industrial activities and government policies. IAE uses analysis tools such s GRAPE(global environment analysis system), SAMPSON(analysis code for severe accidents), etc. to carry out its assessments and analyses.  

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