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Their Values Customized services In contrast to standard "fancy fashion" solutions, they prefer to engage with their customers in original, "made-to-measure" devices or processes that are much more sustainable. because they are adapted to their needs and the specificities of their situations. From thought to action Convinced their added value lies in the link between research and the realities of organizations, they strive to adapt and simplify (without making them simplistic so far ...) existing intellectual models to provide the steps they let them accompany both the theoretical foundations and the operationality necessary for their effectiveness. Educational consultants They are convinced that it is important to put their work in a logic of transfer of expertise to their customers. This positioning of "educational consultants" has allowed them to develop a real "know-how" which is one of the singularity of their firm: far from certain practices that make the use of a dark jargon a tool of legitimacy, they use to make simple what seems complicated and make comprehensible what is complex.   Meaning and coherence   The success of processes and projects derives as much from the register of meaning (to the definition of orientations, purposes, etc.) as from their coherence (the definition of organizational and implementation methods, etc.). they are particularly careful to respect this balance throughout their interventions.

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