Founded on the belief that effective social change can be created at the grassroots, The Lenny Zakim Fund (LZF) identifies, supports, and connects small community based organizations operating "below the radar screen" of other foundations and government agencies.  A single gift to LZF not only supports over 60 vetted organizations annually, but also provides the training and networking to strengthen leading and emerging grassroots agencies.  Building community through experiential philanthropy, every donor has the opportunity to connect directly with the organizations and individuals LZF serves. The Lenny Zakim Fund, established in 1995 by Lenny Zakim to reflect his work and ideals, provides resources that enable and empower under-resourced people and communities to effectively address social and economic injustice. The Lenny Zakim Fund is committed to making a positive difference in the lives it touches. The fund is especially interested in supporting groups involved in constructive coalition building across race, religious and ethnic lines, and it does so by providing financial support, education, technical assistance and networking opportunities to individuals and grassroots organizations. WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN - Commitment to the legacy and vision of Lenny Zakim: "They have the will. They have the creativity. But they lack the means. They give them the means." - Making a positive difference in the lives they touch - Diversity, equity and inclusion - Bridge building - Social justice - Networking - Community knowledge and engagement - Learning WHO THEY SERVE The Lenny Zakim Fund supports organizations that: - Improve educational opportunities for children, youth and immigrants - Promote positive youth development and prevent violence - Promote social and economic justice and human and civil rights - Serve people facing medical challenges and/or physical or cognitive disabilities

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