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The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC)

ABOUT The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) is a 501(c)(3) biomedical technology consortium collaborating under an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) that serves those who serve their nation. Over the last decades, their warfighters have suffered devastating trauma. So much injury, so many lives compromised.  They need solutions and they need them now. In partnership with the Department of Defense and private support, MTEC is working to prevent injuries and accelerate the development of revolutionary medical solutions that will enhance wound healing, and return the wounded to fully functioning lives. Ultimately, all citizens will benefit from these technologies and health care solutions. They focus on building teams to solve problems. Their research priorities are purposeful and outcome driven. The reach of the MTEC team ensures that research developments and new technologies will be applied across the entire medical infrastructure for the benefit of the military, veterans, and civilians. Their collaboration aims to advance biomedicine and create amazing new possibilities, such as: - Providing sight to those who have lost their vision - Providing battlefield diagnostics and therapies to reduce the consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussions - Developing evidence-based therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder to integrate warfighters back into families and society - Advancing cell therapies that heal previously irreparable nerve, vascular and organ damage - Developing new antibiotics to cure life‐threatening infections - Improving telehealth solutions that monitor warfighter health conditions during training and in battle - Reducing substance abuse during chronic pain relief - Commercializing cutting‐edge artificial limbs with greater comfort and functionality in the near term, and, in the longer term, providing limb transplants or regenerative medicine therapies to restore normal functions like walking, grasping and writing - Empowering medics through new advanced technologies to do more treatment at the point of injury   MISSION   To be the partner of choice for private industry, academic institutions, government agencies, and other research organizations seeking to accelerate the development of medical solutions that prevent and treat injuries and restore America’s military and veterans to full health.
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