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  • Staff6-25
  • Founded2015

The Next Billion Global

At The Next Billion they're on a mission. To unlock and invest in women's economic potential through entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive impact to their local, national and global economies as well as people and planet. They believe in leveraging the power of the ‘Crowd’ and the collaborative economy to enable the growing number of women entrepreneurs worldwide with ‘Access to growth opportunities’: Access to Finance, Access to Skills, Access to Markets and Access to Networks. But if they are truly going to make an impact, they as an industry need to tailor their platforms to meet the challenges that women face in regards to starting and sustaining businesses, worldwide. And one key obstacle remains visibility and access to networks of supporters. That’s why, they conceived and launched Globally Spotted. Globally Spotted was born from their deep rooted passion for championing female entrepreneurship and their burning desire to build and create a visible platform from which they could, with the help of the crowd, discover, spotlight and amplify women-led ventures from all corners of the globe. Those that all too often remain un-discovered. Globally Spotted aims to help users discover and amplify smart, innovative and cutting-edge women-led businesses through their social networks. Because, they believe that it’s not only the right time but it’s about timewerecognise the invaluable contribution that over 200 million women-owned and led-businesses make daily to their local, national and global economies as well as families and communities. And we’d love to invite you to join The Next Billion in raising the profiles of The Next Billion women entrepreneurs, producers and employers featured on Globally Spotted (with many more to come!), to put the power of their social currency to good use and start amplifying women-owned businesses with a share, a like and a tweet. So, what will your contribution be?
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