The Race Equality Centre

The major areas of activity are: To work with the local councils to tackle racial discrimination and disadvantage; To work with the ‘public sector’ to make full use of the positive duty under the Equality Act 2010; To work with the local private sector through a balance of advocacy and law enforcement and the promotion of the business case for racial equality; To seek to change public attitudes in order to make racial discrimination socially unacceptable; To ensure that the work is well informed by close contact with local racial minority communities and to assist in building their capacity to tackle racial discrimination and disadvantage; To monitor/evaluate the impact of public bodies on racial minority communities. Fundamental to that work is the need to operate at a strategic level with the recognition that focused involvement in targeted areas assists in the arguments and the development of improved practices.  To achieve this TREC has embarked on a number of exercises, which has given rise to specialist areas of work within the organisation. The areas of work include: Generic race equality development Community empowerment through targeted work with infrastructure organisations To ameliorate the impact of extreme and violent racist activity Integration support to new and emerging communities Racial harassment monitoring and intervention  
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • Leicester
  • 2nd Floor, Phoenix Yard, 5-9 Upper Brown Street