theMakerSpace is about lowering the barriers of entry for people to express their creativity in a physical way. It is about people getting together, working creatively, inspiring each other, engaging with new technology, and building a “bottom-up economy”. Chris Anderson defined the Maker Movement as “the new industrial revolution”, later Klaus Schwab of the WEF popularised the term “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” now commonly known as 4IR. The Revolution is changing the way they work and live. Ultimately 4IR will mean anyone can make anything anywhere. Everyday more people are joining the revolution as they realise the creative potential within themselves and the possibilities new technologies unlock. MAKERs make things, using both cutting edge technology and age old methods, or often a combination of both. Makers find value in making something by hand, giving a physical product more value because of the thoughtful, careful and useful way it is designed and made. Makers are not aiming for mass market for their product, they are simply expressing something they love, and in the process creating something worthwhile for the niche that they represent. Makers Openly share resources, expertise, equipment and encouragement because they choose to believe that they can do more together than we can apart. The Maker Space exists to share knowledge and equipment that enables anyone to make anything. They exist as a hybrid organisation through The Maker Space Foundation Non-Profit company which hosts their community and social development programs, and their associated commercial entities offering eventing, corporate training  and advisory through MAKERS BE LIKE PTY, and production services through LASER SPACE Their headquarters are in Durban, South Africa located at 51 Station Drive. They have Lasercutters, 3D printers, and Small CNC’s. Visitors are welcome on Thursdays from 1pm too 8pm. Their goal is to launch and support 200 maker spaces in Southern Africa, creating a safe place where people can come and learn, be inspired, unlock creativity and potential, free themselves from corporate slavery and a life of mundane work that they hate. They are a finalist of Global Innovation Challenge 2018 winning $125,000 to Enable skills development (People learning to make their ideas into a physical product) and enterprise development (People learning to create sustainable businesses out of their physical products) Please help them by: Creating awareness – talking about it, sharing on social media, making something. Participate – do more than talking about it, engage and become part of the revolution. Give advice, feedback, ideas, enthusiasm, and MAKE something. Share – they are intrigued by the idea of an open source economy, by sharing they hope to reduce the barriers that have held back the development of ideas for too long. Give – your time, expertise and money are all assets that can be invested to accomplish the dream of a better way. Find out how you can get involved.
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