• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO

Think of Us

Think of Us is a systems change non-profit that focuses on leveraging technology to upgrade the foster care system and its programs for better life outcomes for its youth. They take a two-part approach: They help agencies innovate by co-designing systemic level interventions that address some of their most pressing issues; They transform youth programs into tech-enabled interventions.  They do this by upgrading programs and embedding a technology strategy in a way that amplifies the program’s effectiveness.   They are the only non-profit upgrading programs this way. To date, they have had seven hackathons that have resulted in over 50 outcomes such as proof of concepts, pilots, policy updates, or new funding allocations. We have helped push regulations that have led to over a billion dollars in funding to states to upgrade their technology systems. The ultimate goal is for foster youth to successfully transition into a prosperous adulthood. The organization sees this process as a communal endeavor that connects employment, education, and abilities. They envision a future where communities are designed to maximize the development and wellness of maturing youth, so that they can transition into healthy, stable, and thriving adults. Their work to-date has taught them that it is possible to develop a collective impact, not only providing the tools, but also streamlining the systems that help young people utilize the resources at their disposal.
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