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Thought Partnerships

Preventing Identity-Based Violence A key focus of their work is bringing together individuals and organizations seeking to prevent a spectrum of identity-based violence, from hate crimes and structural discrimination through to the commission of mass atrocities. Identity- whether race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation remains an underlying factor used to justify violence in many contexts. Hateful and divisive narratives exacerbate these fault lines and are linked to widespread violence between communities. With the rapid spread of digital platforms, like social media, the world is more interconnected than ever before. Ideologies of fear, hatred, and division spread quickly and easily across geographies and speech is becoming weaponized. Over time, dangerous rhetoric infiltrates the public narrative and creates fear and division along identity lines, normalizing the idea that in the face of threat, targeted violence is acceptable, inevitable, and even essential. To reduce the risk of identity based violence Thought Partnerships identifies, seeds, and supports civil-society led networks in and across diverse contexts. They connect networks to each other, to effective tools, and to a wider network of technical experts.
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