Thua Thien Hue Construction and Water Supply State Owned Company Limited

    Thua Thien Hue Construction and Water Supply State Owned Company Limited – Labour Heroic Unit of Reform Area – was formerly named Hue Water Plant built under the French in 1909. In 1902, the company was renamed to Thua Thien Hue Water Supply and Sewerage Company. From the beginning to the Liberation day of South Vietnam, Hue Water Plant mainly supplied water for offices and public places with a capacity of few thousand m3 per day. Nowadays, the capacity of the company has been increased to more than 200.000m3/day. We supply clean water to nearly 1 million households within the province (99% of Hue city’s people). The number of our customers is very high compared to the customer numbers of other water supply companies in the country. Clean water is an important factor contributing to the promotion of socio-economic development, significantly improves the environment and enhances the quality of life of the people in the province. With the history of more than 100 years of establishment and development, our Company has built a strong foundation with our team of more than 500 employees who are highly qualified, enthusiastic, inquisitive, energetic and creative. Moreover, our technical and management staff have the ability to actively design and implement many important construction projects in the water sector. Some typical projects include Bach Ma, Hoa Binh Chuong, and Tu Ha water treatment plants, and so on. Especially, HueWACO has successfully expanded Quang Te 2 Water Treatment Plant and increased its capacity from 27.500 to 82.500m3/day with advanced technologies, modern application of SCADA system, and automatic remote monitoring. The casting technology without MC300 plastering is also applied in the QT 2 plant construction for the first time in the Central Region and Central Highlands. The investment capital level of the plant was four times lower than the regulatory level. From a small facility in the past, HueWACO has gradually grown to assert itself with the intensive efforts of the staff. We always inspire the spirit of enterprising, daring, dynamic and creative thinking, a sense of responsibility and high efficiency within the company. Many initiatives have also been launched from the force of HueWACO. A number of our initiatives has achieved top awards of the provincial and national scientific and technological innovations. Typically, with the “Rehabilitation of old cast – iron pipes and steel pipes” initiative – Second Prize of Vietnam Technical Innovation Awards 2005 – HueWACO has rehabilitated and replaced 90km of the main pipeline from DN80 to DN800. The initiative of “Collecting fresh water from the thin surface layer of Perfume River in high salinity season” – Third Prize of Vietnam Science and Technological Innovation Awards 2006 – has reduced the salinity of Perfume River water source to the maximum and ensured the continuous operation of Van Nien Plant. Or the initiative of defining  “Sediment cause in water supply system and its solutions” – Second Prize of Thua Thien Hue Provincial Science and Technological Innovation Awards 2007 and Third Prize of the National 2008 – has reduced the turbidity after treatment to less than 0.2 NTU. As a result, HueWACO has been the first unit with safe water supply declaration nationwide and also been seleted by WHO as a pilot model for safe water supply in Vietnam (9/2009). Our initiatives have great practical significance, save hundreds of billion for the State, become the Company´s core values, and affect the development orientation of the Company. Until now, we have achieved 10 provincial awards including 4 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 2 third prizes. Besides, we have participated in the Central contests and achieved many high-level awards such as: 1 first prize and 3 third prizes of the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award and 1 Second prize, 1 third prize and 1 consolation prize of Nationwide Technical Innovation Contest. These achievements reflect the tireless efforts of the Labour Heroic Unit of Reform Area. With these achievements, HueWACO is honored to be awarded with many medals, honour titles, and hundreds of certificates of merit by the Party and the State of Vietnam. Some typical achievements HueWACO has been awarded are: Labour Hero of Reform Area (2000) Third Class Independence Medal (2004) Second Class Independence Medal (2009) In the near future, staff of HueWACO are committed to strive and build the company into one of the water supply units with advanced management level and modern technology which is on par with the leading water companies in the country; soon to be integrated with the water supply level in the region and the world; meeting the development needs of the Province; and in line with the orientation for water supply development in urban areas to 2020, vision to 2030.
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