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Tigre Brasil

When it comes to building or restoration, count on Tigre! They are over 75 years of history and innovation with a complete range of products for every stage of your project. After all, as important as a pioneering and transforming stance is to bring to the home of millions of Brazilians solutions that are a guarantee of tranquility and comfort. Whether for the restoration of houses, collective building, and industrial works, housing painting, and artistic painting, sanitary metals, drainage projects, basic sanitation, agricultural, mining, among other applications, Tigre products ensure innovative solutions ranging from infrastructure to finishing. And the best: they are easy to install and very safe. Below you will find doors and windows, PVC frames, wall painting material, pipes and fittings, hydraulic material... There are more than 16 thousand varieties in high technology products that are worth every penny and bring more economy and tranquility to its construction. It is Tigre for all work!
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