Tihama Tractors and Engineering Co. Ltd.


  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff251-500
  • HeadquartersYemen
  • Founded1963
The Partnership firm was established in the year 1963 and was then known as Yemen Trading & Shipping Co. (YTSC). Activities covered stevedoring, clearing & forwarding as well as Export in hides, skins and coffee. In course of time, YTSC diversified and ventured into marketing of agricultural machinery, industrial products, machinery and equipment for meeting with the needs of the then prevailing market, thus gradually phasing out of her initial primary activities, and later on, appropriately changed to the present name: Tihama Tractors & Engineering Co. Ltd.  With shareholders, in 1967. Agriculture then, was still practiced in a traditionally way in Yemen. The fledgling Yemen Arab Republic, as was then known, embarked on development and considerable potential presented itself in the way of projects for building the nation's infrastructure in the fields of electrification, telecommunications, piped drinking water supply, medical and light industrial fields. With foresight, Tihama took the initiative for expansion and involvement in a greater role in building of the country's infrastructure with much success. As a result today, Tihama represents many world-renowned multinational agencies, including reputable firms specialized in these various fields.  Tihama under its own agencies and with its sister companies also undertake all kinds of turnkey projects within the now unified territory called Republic of Yemen, in collaboration with firms overseas. Furthermore, Tihama also, provide after-sales-services, installation & maintenance in the field of electrical, solar power, mechanical as well as telecommunications computer net-work and the medical sectors.  Tihama boasts a substantial number of highly qualified well trained professionals in her employment, in addition to senior executives, salesmen and other skilled personnel. Temporary workers are also employed, as and when the needs arise.

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Company Offices
  • Yemen (headquarters)
  • Sanaa
  • Algeria Street, PO Box 49- Sana'a, Rep. of Yemen