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Transplant Links Community is a UK registered non-religious and non-political charity that saves the lives of children and adults in the developing world who suffer from life-threatening end stage kidney disease. They offer teaching and advice, and carry out living kidney transplants, sharing their knowledge with local medical teams in a variety of countries - so that sustainable transplant programmes become a possibility for the future. Transplant Links was established in 2006 by a group of British doctors with many years of experience in kidney transplantation, wanting to share their skills with doctors and surgeons in developing countries. Kidney failure is a hidden emergency in developing countries, where for most patients the outlook is worse than a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. Teaching skills in renal transplantation can change this. They hope that you will share their passion for this vital work, which is saving lives and improving medical skills and understanding for the future. It gives a healthy member of a family a chance to donate one of their kidneys and save the life of their loved one who is dying from kidney failure. Transplant Links is a charity which relies totally on charitable donations. It is run with a mighty staff count of 2! Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris is the CEO of TLC and Aimee is the part time project manager. Together they coordinate the transplant missions, deal with administration, they are the PR team, they manage social media and raise funds for the transplant missions. The very first donation to TLC to get the work started was made by the late Anthony Jewitt, Jennie's Father, just before he passed away. They are honoured to continue to carry out this work in his memory. He liked to make a difference.

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